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Your Health Starts In The Gut

Your Health Starts In The Gut

There’s nothing more disheartening than doing your best to take care of yourself, only to feel like it’s not paying off. While a lot of factors can play into your levels of energy and well-being, if you’ve been waiting for the effects of all that self-care to kick in for a while now it could be that you’re doing all the right things, only to be undermined by an unbalanced gut microbiome.


We have trillions of little microbes made up of bacteria viruses, fungi and other organisms in and around our body, mostly in our large intestine (AKA  gut “microbiota”). All of these microbes are exceptionally clever little things which help our bodies to control blood sugar, produce vitamins, manage cholesterol, balance hormones, prevent you from getting infections, control the calories that you absorb and store, communicate with your nervous system and brain and so much more.

Lets find out more about the gut and the complex connections with other aspects of our body

Gut & Brain Connection

Gut Health - Brain

The gut and the brain are intrinsically linked with communication going both ways, from the gut to the brain and the brain to the gut . You can think of it as chommies keeping each other company and feeding off each other’s vibe. 

They communicate to each other via:

  • Vagus Nerve:This physically connects the gut and brain together.
  • Chemically connecting through neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are responsible for regulating your mood and how your gut works.

Gut & Energy Connection

Gut Health - Energy When the bacteria in your gut microbiome are in balance you tend to feel energised. But when they’re depleted or out of balance due to factors like poor diet & sleep, stress, exposure to antibiotics and more it affects your whole body.

When there are imbalances in your gut,  your energy levels become unregulated, leaving you exposed to peaks and crashes, setting you up for spirals of fatigue, which you may try to fix with sugary drinks or chemical-laden energy drinks that only deplete your microbiome even more, leaving you feeling even worse off.

Energy levels are largely determined by our hormonal balance & blood glucose. When your gut bacteria is balanced, it work with the rest of your body to produce hormones in the proper amounts, at the right times. As well as regulate your blood sugar levels to ensure your body isn't experiencing sugar crashes. However when your gut bacteria are out of balance, your body doesn't get that support.

Gut & Immunity Connection

Gut Health - ImmunityAround 70% of your immune system resides in your gut in gut-associated lymphoid tissue. This is a pretty-big deal as far as your immune system and it’s function is concerned.

The types of microbes you are exposed to throughout your life influence how well your immune system works. Some microbes, even those that are transient visitors, can rub your immune system up the wrong way, which can result in inflammation and a host of disease and disorders. But there is plenty you can do to support your immune system and your gut.

The best way to maintain a healthy microbiota is to eat a range of fresh, whole foods, mainly from plant sources like fruits, veggies, legumes, beans and whole grains. as well as to ensure you taking a good quality probiotic to assist with a healthy gut.

Healthy Microbiota = Healthy, Strong Immune System

    How you can enhance your GUT health

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