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Wild Venison Liver Capsules

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Size: 150x 600mg

Wild Venison Liver Capsules from Ancestral Nourishment is sourced from the untamed wilderness of private game reserves in South Africa, our Venison liver stands as a pinnacle of purity and nutrient richness. Freeze-dried to perfection, it encapsulates every essential vitamin and mineral, offering you nature's most potent nourishment in every capsule. Wild Venison Liver Blend (Springbok, Eland, Kudu, Wildebeest).

Our bodies are smart. They have been designed to depend on food sources that align with our ancestral biology. Meaning, that most people today struggle to absorb nutrients from plants and synthetic vitamins - both of which trigger unwanted side effects.

Like all animal foods, Venison liver is highly bioavailable - meaning we can fully absorb and make use of the long list of critical nutrients. Making Venison liver the ‘King’ of multivitamins.