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Scend Mental Focus

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A nootropic blend with Lion's Mane & CBD to boost concentration, memory and focus.

Scend Mental Focus from Scend Wellness is a natural nootropic supplement designed to enhance mental performance and support brain functions such as memory, concentration and clarity. Maintaining a healthy brain is essential for a productive life as it controls our thoughts, movements and emotions.

Our unique formulation combines Lion’s Mane mushroom, pure CBD isolate (non-psychoactive), and Vitamin B6, with other carefully selected medicinal herbs, to bring you a premium brain health supplement. You too can supercharge your day with a new level of mental energy and focus.

Scend Mental Focus uses science-backed ingredients that are 100% natural that are sourced from industry leaders globally, to ensure a world-class standard. Manufacturing takes place in South Africa in GMP-certified laboratories to ensure consistency and quality.

  • The combination of ingredients used may contribute to:
    • Improved Concentration
    • Increased Memory
    • Enhanced Focus & Awareness
    • Better Mental Clarity
    • Increased Calmness
  • Adults, take 1 to 2 capsules per day with a glass of water, 5 days per week.