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Alpha GPC

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Size: 60 Capsules (60x 300mg)

Alpha GPCĀ fromĀ PrimeSelf is the powerful natural nootropic known for its remarkable cognitive-enhancing and neuro-protective benefits, both when taken alone and in combination with other nootropics.

In addition to the cognitive enhancing benefits ofĀ Alpha GPC, it has also been shown to promote physical performance and muscular strength, making it a powerful and versatile nootropic supplement.

    • Improved Mental Clarity
    • Increased Concentration
    • Enhanced Cognitive Performance
    • Enhanced Physical Performance
  • As a dietary supplement, adults should take one (1) to two (2) capsules, in the morning or afternoon, 45 minutes prior to mentally or physically demanding activities. DO NOT exceed four (4) capsules in a 24-hour peroid unless otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.