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PRIMESELF Bio Shield - Product Review

If the past year or so has taught us anything, it’s that a strong immune system is priceless. The problem is that there is so much advice out there as to what really strengthens an immune system and some of it actually does more harm than good. Walk into any pharmacy, and you’ll be amazed at the sheer volume of products purporting to boost your immune system. And yes, often there is strong research tied to the ingredients in those products showing efficacy at boosting immunity, but are they in the right quantities and does your body have the ability to absorb them? Do they really work?

It’s not easy to really measure the success of an immune boosting product. Who knows if you would’ve gotten sick in the first place? And reading the label on the back of a bottle can be confusing, because are the quantities and ingredients suitable for you personally?

The truth is, not all supplements and medications are created equal. When the pandemic first started, I did a fair amount of research about immunity strengthening tactics because I wanted to keep my parents and loved ones as safe as possible. So, when you find a product like PRIMESELF Bio Shield that ticks all the boxes of truly smart supplementation, you take note.

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Why do I say it’s a smart supplement?

Because the combination of ingredients in the quantities that they are presented show a real understanding of ingredients that truly support an immune system, bioavailability (whether your body is able to absorb the ingredients) & optimal dosages.

Why do we get sick?

Basically, diseases can be infectious or non-infectious. For the latter, think of things like cancer or diabetes or heart disease. For this review, I’ll focus on infectious diseases. They are caused by something called pathogens, basically bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses.

These pathogens enter your system through the air we breathe, the food and drinks we consume and through openings in the skin, like a cut. As an example, if you’re ill and happen to sneeze onto an object and someone touches that object, they could then consume food before washing their hands and become infected (if the pathogen didn’t die before entering their system).

Here’s where a strong immune system comes into play: not every pathogen that enters your body results in illness. Our bodies have a built-in immune system designed to fight off foreign agents. The problem? Pathogens can adapt and evolve faster than our immune systems, which might give them the upper hand. A weak immune system will in these cases struggle to resist the invading pathogen.

How do we support our immune systems?

It's therefore crucial to do all you can to support your immune system. One effective strategy is through supplementation, which has the ability to level-up your body’s built-in defence mechanisms. Here is why I like the ingredients in PRIMESELF Bio Shield:

Chaga Mushroom

Chaga mushrooms are an antioxidant powerhouse that can fight free radicals (the things attacking our cells and causing us to age) and inflammation.Chaga is full of beta glucans, which research shows can spur immune cells to calm inflammation and assist the immune system with fighting disease, especially within the context of cancer. Chaga also increases the production of certain immune cells (IL-6 and lymphocyte), which increases your body’s ability to fight pathogens.

The nifty thing about Chaga is that it cleverly helps the immune system to differentiate between your body’s own cells and foreign cells.

Because Chaga has antiviral properties, it is particularly powerful for fighting off viral infections (and is even showing promise for reducing the ability of HIV to replicate).

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is famous in the world of immunity. There are some contradicting studies as to its actual efficacy, but without getting into the boring details, the things that really matter when supplementing with Vitamin C is to be conscious of the quality of the source, the dosage, and the bioavailability.

Fun fact: most mammals can produce Vitamin C in their livers, but humans (and, strangely enough, guinea pigs!) cannot. Plants therefore provide a highly bioavailable source of Vitamin C.

However, we don’t necessarily get enough Vitamin C through our diets, so getting the right amount through supplementation is a good strategy. If you take more than 500mg at a time through oral supplementation, there is a high likelihood that you’ll get an upset tummy. 500mg seems to be the sweet spot in terms of absorption and saturation levels (maximum impact without supplementing unnecessarily). PRIMESELF Bio Shield contains 500mg of Vitamin C per serving #justsaying

The PRIMESELF Bio Shield product cleverly has an ingredient called BioPerine (black pepper fruit extract) included. Piperine, which is the bioactive compound found in black pepper (and BioPerine) makes a number of substances far more bioavailable for absorption through our systems. Vitamin C is one of these ingredients, with studies showing that piperine makes Vitamin C up to 50% more available to the body! Smart supplementing if you prefer your slice of orange without a side of black pepper!


A study at the University of Connecticut showed that echinacea taken during cold and flu season could not only cut the likelihood of getting a cold by more than 50% but also reduce the time that it takes to recover from a cold if you do get it (by around 1.5 days). That’s very impressive!

Echinacea can also stimulate something called phagocytosis, which is a process whereby your white blood cells attack invading organisms like bacteria and parasites.

It really is a surprisingly powerful immune boosting ingredient.


L-lysine is an essential amino acid, which means that it is the stuff that the proteins in our bodies are made of. These proteins, in turn, produce essential hormones as well as immune cells!

L-lysine is recognised as playing an important role in supporting the immune function and has been shown to slow or stop the spread of viruses (and even protect against sexual transmission of herpes, which demonstrates how powerful it is).

L-lysine supplementation has further been linked to improved athletic performance, reducing anxiety and studies have even shown that it can prevent cold sores from coming back, especially when taken with Vitamin C. Given the well-documented research for immunity though, I think this is a great addition to PRIMESELF Bio Shield.

N-Acetyl Cysteine

Rounding off the stellar list of ingredients in PRIMESELF Bio Shield is N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), another amino acid that is commonly found in high-protein foods like chicken, cheese, eggs, yoghurt, legumes and sunflower seeds. Along with two other amino acids (glutamine and glycine), NAC is an important amino acid because it is essential for making glutathione.

Glutathione is the body’s most powerful antioxidant and has become massively popular due to its ability to neutralise free radicals that cause tissue damage.

NAC is therefore considered essential for immune health and fighting cellular damage.

My Review of PRIMESELF BioShield

OK, so the science behind this formulation makes sense and is rather impressive. I’ve read a number of reviews on the product and quite a few people have said that before they started using the product, they got sick regularly and that since starting to supplement with PRIMESELF Bio Shield, they don’t get sick anymore. Sound too good to be true? Well, if you look at the ingredients in this formulation, I tend to believe that it is 100% possible!


I certainly didn’t get as much as a stray sniffle while taking this supplement, and I’ll continue to incorporation PRIMESELF Bio Shield into my daily stack. It makes sense to give your immune system all the support that it can get, and to this end, I would’ve happily taken all of these supplements individually. However, PRIMESELF Bio Shield is a really cost effective and efficient way to get all of these ingredients without having to buy them separately.

It is especially important during cold and flu season, but I would actually supplement with this year-round. The product states that it also provides vitality support, and I have to agree with other reviewers that I feel more energised when I take this product.

It makes sense: your overall system is healthier and supported and the ingredients in this supplement have benefits beyond only immune boosting properties. For me, PRIMSELF Bio Shield is an absolute keeper!

Shop Here: PRIMESELF Bio Shield

Thea Hiemstra Author
  • Thea is the founder of Neolaia – Biohacking SA and passionate about all things biohacking, functional medicine, holistic and ancestral wellness. She enjoys the occasional triathlon, is fanatic about yoga and the gym and loves n=1 biohacking experiments more than anything else! Learning about the latest in scientific research for health and wellness and applying this knowledge is what makes her happiest!
  • Instagram: biohack_sa

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