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Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixir: Chaga Mushroom

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixir: Chaga Mushroom

Well, well, well. Turns out you can transform pretty much anything into an instant wellness elixir. Just add Chaga—the King of Mushrooms, trusted by Finns for centuries. This was one of our first products. It’s still one of our best.

Chaga plus anything equals incredible immune support

Ingredient Breakdown

Organic Chaga Mushroom

(1500mg per serving)

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) isn’t just fun to say out loud, it’s also been used to support immune function for centuries. In Finland (where our founders are from), it was used as a coffee substitute during WWII when beans weren’t available. Today, our Chaga’s sustainably wildcrafted on birch trees. We extract the fruiting bodies to make a mixable, organic powder with no fillers or carriers.

Organic Eleuthero

Meet Eleuthero, AKA an adaptogenic root used in Asia and Russia to support stamina, endurance, and wellbeing for hundreds of years.

Organic Field Mint and Rose Hip Extract

Field mint and rose hips balance out Chaga’s rich earthiness. If you haven’t had rose hips before, they’re delicious, deep red, and perfect little vitamin C bombs.

Our immune-supporting Chaga’s wildcrafted in the Taiga, the massive forest belt just south of the Arctic. For good measure (and even more wellness benefits), we added Eleuthero and rose hips. We aren’t kidding about this being an elixir. 

Mixes easy, sips well

  • Literally all you need to do is add hot water, but you can also add tea or coffee. We think it goes great with our Mushroom Coffee, or with a morning smoothie.  
  • Chaga’s not a culinary mushroom: it’s rich and earthy. Finnish people sometimes use it as a coffee substitute, but you can use it in any concoction you like. 
  • Every packet’s packed with wellness and immune benefits, plus rose hips for vitamin C!

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