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The Best Nootropic Starter Bundle For Newbies!

The Best Nootropic Starter Bundle For Newbies!

If you are a fitness freak or a fan of famous athletes, you must be familiar with the word 'Nootropics'. You might even be ready to try your hand at these smart supplements.Ā 

For beginners, especially those in the field of sports, or managing highly stressful jobs, the whole concept of nootropics might sound intriguing given its capacity to improve focus, enhance intellect, enable physical endurance in stressful situations and what not?

However, newbies who are keen on trying their hand at these smart drugs must keep in mind certain aspects before they embark into the fascinating world of nootropics.

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Nootropics are often misunderstood to be a magical pill that transforms a person into a superhero as in the movie Limitless. Rather than providing an individual with physical endurance, mental strength and clarity, nootropics purely enhance the existing strength in oneā€™s body.Ā 

Many nootropics, like for instance, those belonging to the category of cognitive enhancers, act by propelling the activity of the brain by giving it a further push and thereby enabling one to be more mentally alert and complete difficult tasks.

So if you are a budding athlete or an intellect working in the Silicon Valley or just another fitness freak wanting to try out nootropics, look no further!!! This article provides some specific nootropic bundles that are well suited for newbies in addition to compiling various information that one must know before getting into the world of nootropics.

The Best Nootropics to Start With

Beginners can choose to begin with a starter nootropic bundle that comprises a combination of nootropics that assist in cognitive health, memory and focus as well as promoting physical endurance. The proper starter nootropic bundle must contain the followingĀ 


Any nootropic bundle is incomplete sans a choline source. Choline is a vital nutrient for the synthesis of various cell membranes as it acts as an antecedent for the quintessential neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine plays a crucial role in learning, retention, decision-making etc.Ā 

Choline supplements come in three main categories: CDP Choline, Alpha GPC and Choline Bitartrate. Of the above Alpha GPC and CDP Choline are popular on account of their enhanced bioavailability. They help to increase the brainā€™s acetylcholine production by raising the levels of choline in the brain. Such an improved synthesis of acetylcholine dramatically enhances the brain's function.

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TeaCrineĀ®, that is similar in structure to that of caffeine is an alkaloid that can enhance not only mental clarity but also improves physical performance to a great extent. TeaCrineĀ®Ā is also a mood enhancer and motivator as well. Another positive side of TeaCrineĀ® is that it can enhance the benefits of caffeine without the adverse side effects associated with caffeine like that of jitters and disruption of sleep.Ā 

TeaCrineĀ® also has a longer half-life and zero impact on blood pressure. TeaCrineĀ® is orally consumed for fatigue, common cold and for enhancing mental performance. It can also be added to pre-workout supplements that are used to better athletic performance.[1]Ā 

A pilot study on 15 individuals found that TeaCrineĀ®, when delivered at a dose of 200 mg, enabled a substantial increase in energy and a marked reduction in fatigue.[2] Thus it makes sense to add TeaCrineĀ®Ā to the starter bundle.

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MagteinĀ® (Magnesium L-Threonate)

Magnesium L-Threonate (MgT) is a novel form of the primary element magnesium that is derived from L-Threonic acid and is used to normalize the magnesium levels inside the body. The unique aspect ofĀ MagteinĀ®Ā is its ability to boost the magnesium levels in the brain upon oral ingestion. This is accomplished due to the strength of MgT to criss-cross the blood-brain barrier.Ā 

Recent human studies have shown the reversal of brain ageing by nine years or more (as per clinical measures) among adults suffering from anxiety, sleep disorders and cognitive dysfunction after they were supplemented with MgT.[3]

It must be noted that the age of the person can be different from his/her body's chronological age. Thus a person of 60 years can have a chronological age of 70, implying that they are functioning at a much older age level. Thus, in the above study, the subjects were initially ten years older as regards their cognitive function.Ā 

The supplementation withĀ MagteinĀ®Ā helped them to reverse the various aspects of brain ageing by nine years and made them function cognitively at par with their cognitively healthy peers.Ā 

Various studies have shown that whenĀ MagteinĀ® reaches the brain, the density of the brain synapses is increased. Synapses are the connectors amongst brain cells. [4] This is an essential factor because the synaptic density is closely linked with cognitive decline and shrinking of the brain. [5], [6]Ā 

Though there are many forms of magnesium that one can choose from, it is only Magnesium L-Threonate that can cross the blood-brain barrier. Hence Magnesium L-Threonate forms an essential addition to the starter nootropic pack.

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Acetyl L Carnitine (ALCAR)

Acetyl-L-Carnitine or ALCAR as it is popularly called is a synthesized variety of L-Carnitine that is derived from two amino acids lysine and methionine.[7] ALCAR is supposed to be a milder form of nootropics and a great natural energy booster. ALCAR helps the mitochondria augment its energy production leading to better physical and mental energy reserves.Ā 

On account of its antioxidant properties ALCAR offers long-term health benefits by eliminating all toxins from the brain. ALCAR is thus an excellent starter nootropic for newbies as it is quite mild and safe and yet brings in prominent enhancement in energy levels.Ā 

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Lionā€™s Mane Mushroom

Lion's Mane Mushroom has achieved tremendous popularity as a nootropic in recent times. It has numerous health benefits, and has been shown toĀ assist with Alzheimerā€™s, Parkinsonā€™s, and various neurodegenerative diseases, and contribute to stimulating brain health.Ā 

This wonder mushroom contains numerous biologically active compounds like hericenones, erinacines, lectins, terpenoids, peptides, proteins, and various other antioxidants. Lion's Mane has been used in various food supplements as well as in alternative medicines and hence it is a popular holistic herbal nootropic component for starters.

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Nootropic Stacks

Though nootropics, when taken individually, offer numerous benefits, one can witness even better benefits when nootropics are stacked. Stacking of nootropics means a collection of nootropics that complement each other with regard to their properties and way of functioning.

For instance, Acetyl-L-Carnitine or ALCAR is quickly taken up by the brain and intestines in the absence of food, and hence it can be stacked in-between meals with other fat-burning substances like caffeine, green tea etc.Ā 

Similarly, L-Theanine can be stacked with caffeine as the latter offers a bundle of energy while the former offsets the jitters caused by caffeine thereby increasing the effects of caffeine as well as providing a host of benefits on its own as well.

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Customizing Nootropics

As in the case of any diet plan, the impact of the best nootropics (individually or in stacks) vary from person to person. Hence, subjective testing is recommended for deriving optimum benefit from nootropics.

Testing can be done by determining what kind of neurotransmitters are prominent in the brain and what kinds are deficient based on how one feels and thereby decide which type of nootropics works best. One can go in for pre-made combinations of nootropics or individual ones.Ā 

However, it is vital to track the results either through feelings or by way of various modern technologies that allow one to track nootropic usage and thereby have knowledge of oneā€™s progression.

Points to Keep in Mind When Trying out Nootropics

It is essential not to fall into addiction by becoming a victim of nootropics usage. Hence it is best advised to try out the required nootropic for a specified period rather than adopting them throughout for extended time. One can keep changing the type of nootropics or stacks rather than sticking to a single one so that one does not develop resistance to a particular nootropic.Ā 

Given the tantalizing prospects of nootropics, it can be very well said that a great future is in store as it helps one to defy many genetic limitations. However, one must use nootropics with care and caution by selecting what works out best and by using only branded and authentic supplements.Ā 

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