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Wild Venison Heart Capsules

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Size: 150x 600mg

Wild Venison Heart Capsules from Ancestral Nourishment is sourced from the untamed wilderness of private game reserves in South Africa, our Venison heart is a pinnacle of purity and nutrient richness. Freeze-dried to perfection, it is the cleanest source of coenzyme CoQ10 to support natural energy, performance, and cardiovascular health. Wild Venison Heart Blend (Springbok, Eland, Kudu, Wildebeest).

These animals are known for their incredible endurance, speed, and resilience. Their ability to endure tough terrain and embark on epic migrations can be credited to their strong cardiovascular systems. And each capsule gifts you with the same heart tissue that powered their unrelenting stamina.

Wild Venison heart is the most concentrated source of bioavailable coenzyme Q10, a fat-soluble vitamin compound which improves mitochondrial function and energy production.