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The Babalas Stack

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The festive season is here and we all deserve some time off to relax and enjoy ourselves with friends, family, and colleagues. However, feeling groggy and "under the weather" the day after alcohol consumption is something no one enjoys and can often put a damper on the "good times". 

Introducing the "Babalas Stack", a combination of products to minimize the nasty effects and to help you still feel "Optimized" the day after some festivities! 

Hangovers AKA The "Babalas"?

Hangovers, simply put, are due to dehydration and the buildup of toxic by-products during alcohol metabolism. By aiding in replenishing electrolytes and enhancing the metabolism of alcohol, you can hopefully keep that "babalas" at bay!

What's in the stack? 

  • Revive Electrolytes (Mixed Flavours):¬†A great-tasting and effectively dosed product with key electrolytes and minerals to rehydrate you and replenish lost electrolytes due to dehydration.¬†
  • Dihydromyricetin:¬†A supplement helps your liver metabolize alcohol more quickly and blocks alcohol from accessing the GABA receptors in the brain
  • N-Acetyl L Cysteine (NAC): Powerful anti-oxidant & liver protectant

Tips & Tricks: 

  • Hydrate!¬†A glass of water in-between drinks will do wonders.¬†
  • Sleep... Don't forget you still need good quality sleep.¬†

How do we use this stack? 

  • Pre: 1-2 Capsules of NAC a few hours before drinking
  • During: Keep hydrated with water in between drinks
  • Post:¬†Have a sachet of Revive with 750ml of water + 1-2 capsules of Dihydromyrectin post-drinking, before bed.¬†

Additionally, another serving of revive upon waking combined with a good quality meal (high in protein and fats) can do wonders. 

*IMPORTANT Disclaimer: Optimized nor its partners are advocating or advising alcohol consumption, please drink responsibly and at your own risk! Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health and impairs motor functions. Do NOT drink and drive.