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Neurotransmitter Stack

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The Neurotransmitter Stack from NeuroActive offers optimised brain support by helping your neurotransmitters communicate more effectively. With a healthy functioning brain, you can achieve increased focus and attention, with a lower chance of groggy brain fog. By regulating your neurotransmitters you could see benefits in your mood, motivation, energy, and sleep.

The Neurotransmitter Stack includes the following products:

  • NeuroActive Neuro Choline - an advanced choline formulation to help your brain improve and sustain optimal acetylcholine levels.
  • NeuroActive Neuro Dope - this supplement has been formulated to support healthy dopamine production and regulation.
  • NeuroActive Neuro Sero - promoting healthy production of Serotonin in the brain for increased mood support.

Ā Give your brain the tools it needs to work at its optimal best.