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Grounding Sleep Mat

Original price R 1,499.00 - Original price R 2,499.00
Original price
R 1,499.00
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Size: Single (68cmx185cm)

Grounding Sleep Mats from Optimized are the most convenient way to optimize your sleep routine in a non-invasive way, helping you achieve your health goals. Our grounding sleep mats are manufactured from a high-quality conductive leather material, with breathable holes ensuring your ultimate comfort levels.

Grounding yourself with a grounding mat has shown to have a wide range of benefits which include the reduction of pain and inflammation within the body, stress management, recovery, and improved sleep quality. Your body goes through its own restorative stages when you sleep. By aiding your body with the right tools for these restorative processes you will further enhance the benefits by assisting with every aspect of the sleeping process: From falling asleep faster to improved morning fatigue, higher daytime energy decreased cortisol levels, and more.

With our busy lifestyles, we don’t always have the time to spend outdoors to get the full benefits of grounding. With our Grounding Sleep Mats, you can be earthing yourself while you sleep, not only optimizing your health but maximizing your time effectively.

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