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The NeuroActive brand has always been synonymous with quality and industry leading expertise. This is why we take it on ourselves to ensure that what we say is in our products is in fact just that. Nothing more and nothing less, only the best quality and purity from leading and trusted suppliers.

As the original nootropics company in South Africa, we've built a reputation for providing only the best quality nootropic products at the best prices available. Customer feedback is of great importance to us and examples of this can be seen in the form of digitally verified purchaser reviews on each product page, our social media following (5 star average Facebook review rating) as well as thousands of loyal and happy customers across the whole of South Africa.


In efforts to offer only the best in industry leading ingredients, we make use of only trusted, certified and leading suppliers both locally and internationally when sourcing our raw material. 

This allows us to focus on formulating the best products possible with the highest grade in  quality.


Batch testing is done on every product we receive for identity, purity, an array of heavy metals and any other potential contaminants.

This ensures that what we receive is from the highest standards. Certificates of Analysis (COAs) can also be made available for each and every product on request to ensure quality and purity.


From trusted suppliers to trusted manufacturing.

We partnered with only the best in manufacturing with partners fully compliant with cGMP and ISO 9001:2015 certified for Pharmaceutical and Botanical products.

Ensuring that strict measures are kept throughout our sourcing and manufacturing process.


Feedback from customers have always played a vital role in everything we do.

Which is why our product reviews takes center stage with a 5-star average rating and complete transparency on products.

It is our sole purpose to offer the best products to our customers with no compromise on quality and affordable pricing.