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Dear Valued Customers,

We wanted to share an important update regarding the future of our Optimized online marketplace. After careful consideration and analysis, we have made the strategic decision to transition Optimized into a dedicated back into the NeuroActive brand store.

A Brief History

In 2020, Optimized acquired the NeuroActive brand, which has been a trusted name in the nootropic and supplement industry for many years. Since then, NeuroActive has been operating as one of the many brands offered through our Optimized marketplace.

Refocusing on Our Core Brand

Over time, we have realised that managing a diverse range of third-party brands has become increasingly complex and resource-intensive for our small company and team. As a result, we have decided to refocus our efforts on what we do best ā€“ developing and promoting our own innovative NeuroActive brand.

By consolidating our operations and concentrating on NeuroActive, we can dedicate our resources more effectively, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality products and customer experience.

What This Means for You

As part of this transition, we will be phasing out the sale of third-party brands on the Optimized platform. However, we want to assure you that all the products you have come to love from these brands will still be available through their respective websites or other retailers.

Our Commitment to You

While we are making this strategic shift, our commitment to providing exceptional products and customer service remains unwavering. The NeuroActive brand has always been synonymous with quality, value, and customer satisfaction, and we will continue to uphold these values.

We understand that change can be unsettling, but we want to assure you that this decision has been made with the best interests of our customers in mind. By focusing our efforts on NeuroActive, we can better serve you and deliver the exceptional experience you deserve.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this transition. We look forward to serving you through our dedicated NeuroActive brand store.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.