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Alli-Biotic Capsules

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Alli-Biotic Capsules from The Real Thing sounds like “antibiotic” because it does the same thing. But without the side-effects, naturally. It’s 100% pure, stabilised allicin, the infection-fighting ingredient in garlic.

Allicin is nature’s proven antimicrobial agent. It’s not garlic; it’s the proactive protein that makes garlic great. Garlic is a superfood. Simple as that. The crushed kind has been found to help crush infections, reduce blood lipids, improve heart health and stimulate the immune system.

    • Can Help Fight Infections
    • Prevention of Cold Sores
    • Can Reduce Blood Pressure
    • Decreases Cholesterol Levels
    • Can Increase Immune-Cell Activity
  • Take 2 capsules daily, or consult your health practitioner.