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Phenibut, similar to the neurotransmitter GABA, is a mood-enhancing nootropic that has been suggested to combat the effects of stress and anxiety and improve sleep patterns.

This nootropic agent assists in creating a tranquil state, whilst still providing a clear mental state, making it a popular choice for high-stress situations. Although at higher dosages, Phenibut presents sedating effects. 

Warning: This product should be used with caution due to its potential of dependency and addiction in long-term use.

Key Points: 

  • May relieve anxiety
  • May improve mood & sleep
  • May enhance cognition

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South Africa South Africa
I recommend this product


Phenibut is by far the most useful and powerful nootropic I've used to date. It obliterates mild to moderate anxiety, especially the social kind, and makes sleep truly pleasant and deep. It creates a serene lucid state of calm and focused flow. It's not an exaggeration to describe it as alcohol with none of the side effects and with a crystal clear mind. Even though it's a depressant and acts much like benzodiazepines, it thankfully lacks the sedative weight of other substances in its class. You can be highly productive on it while remaining completely relaxed. A dose lasts an entire day, often even spilling over into a pleasant afterglow the next day. In fact, it's almost too good to be true. The caveat: it can be deviously addictive, hence the many warnings to moderate use. If this substance works for you, it is imperative that you respect it's power and use it sparingly. If you happen to get hooked and find yourself trying to get off it, withdrawals can be a nightmare and come with severe rebound effects: heightened anxiety, irritation and insomnia. The only viable solution is to very gradually taper your dose down. There is always a price for something that works this well, alas. That said, I still highly recommend it. Phenibut has been very good to me. I've been through the withdrawals years ago and learned respect. Proceed with caution and be safe.

South Africa South Africa

**** drug

Currently going through withdrawals right now. I've abused a lot much more recreational drugs for longer and stopped use much easier than phenibut. Phenibut sucks *** for the benefit vs the withdrawals and how little time it takes to get physically addicted. 0/10

Tim B.
South Africa South Africa

Excellent Nootropic

Phenibut is in my opinion one of the most effective nootropics on the market. It is great for individuals that struggle to focus, giving you a feeling of calm and relieving anxiety. It is great for public speeking and providing confidence and clarity during presentations. For maximum absorption, my advice is to drink Phenibut with water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Wait at least 1.5 - 2hours before eating or drinking. Black Coffee (or caffeine from a calorie free source) will also enhance the effectiveness of Phenibut. Since Phenibut acts on the GABA receptors, avoid alcohol when using it.

South Africa South Africa
I recommend this product

Powerful anti-anxiety and productivity supplement

I have been using Phenibut responsibly for almost a year now. I only take one tablet twice a week, never on consecutive days. It has significantly improved my anxiety and has boosted my sociability (not only on dosing days, I feel the benefits long after dosing). I haven't had crashes / rebound anxiety. It also makes me super productive and focused, which I assume is also thanks to the reduction of anxiety which would normally cause me to procrastinate. Phenibut has been an overwhelmingly positive addition to my life but I must add: it is a very powerful substance and should always be used responsibly. I would not recommend using it in large doses / dosing on consecutive days. One a day a few times a week is sufficient for major benefits.

Tracy K.
South Africa South Africa
I recommend this product

My favourite, day and night

Phenibut in small doses gives a wonderful, calm focus. At night, it ensures you get the night's sleep you've always wanted. Only use 2-3 times per week to avoid tolerance and maximise its benefits.