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Size: 60 Capsules (60 x 20mg)

Noopept from NeuroActive is a peptide-derived nootropic compound and is considered to be one of the most potent nootropic agents available on the market. Noopept has shown potential in improving focus, memory, and cognitive functioning. This nootropic agent is observed to promote nerve cell regeneration, increasing BDNF and NGF levels to help promote healthy, regulated brain function.

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South Africa South Africa
I recommend this product


Bought these just before my finals for university with no previous experience with Neuroactive or any nootropics. The results were IMMENSE, I was studying no less than 6 -10 hours a day. I wanted to wait until results were released before publishing this….and I’m glad to say I passed! Thank you Neuroactive�

Alec R.
South Africa South Africa

Nr1 in terms of quick effective results.

I highly recommend this as a daily supplement to anyone who hasn't tried it. No need for choline except a regular dose of eggs every so often. All other forms of choline have made me feel on edge, cdp made me anxious and alphagpc gave me uncontrollable shakes and jitters, this is however personal experience and not a universal account so go for it if you feel it's necessary. I may be what is called choline overresponder. NOOPEPT IS THE ROYALTY OF THE NOOTROPIC WORLD, it was developed for cosmonaughts and it's very consistent in terms of effect and safety. Highly recommended to all. Much better than traditional memory or cns stimulant aids like ritalin or concerta as it never leads to burnout, it simply augments your system for better neuro transmission. Neuroactive is also a great company, very reliable, trustworthy, high quality products and high quality service and I am extremely grateful to them and recommend them whole heartedly. Thank you Neuroactive team, I'm so grateful.

Shelley S.
South Africa South Africa
I recommend this product


I have ADHD, and managing the condition while running my own business is a real challenge. This product is nothing short of amazing. It is so cost-effective, and it really works. The effects are noticeable but with no unwanted side effects like teeth grinding or anxiety. I have to take it with Choline to it gives me a headache, but even so, it's still very cost-effective. I don't take it on weekends, but still, I do find that taking a full week off from time to time is helpful.

Levi F.
South Africa South Africa

Noopepts Magic

Absolutely incredible! The psychoactive effects of this Nootropic are by far my favourite. As a person who is constantly needing to be on top form, mentally, I can say that this Nootropic definitely assists me in being much more neurologically energised throughout my days. It has assisted me in more ways than I could have imagined and it is exceptionally beautiful for inducing states of consciousness that facilitate higher states of awareness and appreciation for all life and all that exists in it. I find that it greatly enhances my visual acuity and depth perception. Things become more defined in their shape and it appears that the human eye becomes more susceptible to perceiving in a higher definition than usual. My ability to stay proactive and be clear minded whilst multitasking has become quite insane. I have the an unbelievably heightened use of extra sensory perception due to the use of this very Nootropic. That brings in a deeper and more clairvoyant understanding to scenarios that unfold in the Universe. In a way I feel as if Noopept can increase ones level of intuition - depending on the person of course. All in all I would say that this stuff has changed my life drastically for the better and I would advise it to most people, irrespective of whether or not they feel they need to utilize it.

Asher L.
South Africa South Africa
I recommend this product

The ultimate game-changer!

My praise for the optimized collective is immense and unwavering! Concerning Noopept , this nootropic powerhouse is a game-changer of note. It provides a powerful boost in cognition and clarity and has anxiolytic properties as well. When I need to enhance my focus and add some much needed "pep" to my step this is the product that I turn to! Highly recommended. I look forward to sampling the vast amount of adaptogens and nootropic stacks that Optimized offers in due course. Much love! Highly suggested.