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  • Nootropics for combating social anxiety
    October 7, 2021

    Best Nootropics for Combatting Social Anxiety

    I think we’ve all struggled with social anxiety in some shape or form in the past, whether you’re Mr Confident, Miss Whitty or the person who wishes that the earth would swallow them whole at least twice a day. The good news? Nootropics can actually have a profound impact on your ability to combat social anxiety and give you confidence in both work and social settings.
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  • Kicking Stress To The Curb | Articles | OPTMZ |
    June 4, 2019

    Kicking Stress To The Curb

    It is a modern-day epidemic. Whether the stress is a constant, nagging pain in the gut or a barely-there feeling, it wrecks your body. For some, it’s fistfuls of hair falling out; for others, it’s the entire immune system going haywire.
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  • Social Anxiety Giving You A Hard Time? | Articles | OPTMZ |
    March 26, 2019

    Social Anxiety Giving You A Hard Time?

    Do you feel uncomfortable when obliged to meet new people or asked to address a crowd? Do you find yourself trembling, sweating, or suddenly going blank? You might be a victim of social anxiety!  But, fret not… you are not alone.
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