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  • 10 Principles for Optimized Living
    October 25, 2021

    10 Principles for Optimized Living

    Better health, better bodies, better mental health, better sex, better relationships and just all-around optimisation of body, mind and spirit. We all want it, but it often feels unachievable. We have time constraints, we don’t have the energy to read conflicting literature and studies that leave us more confused than before and it’s becoming apparent that we are all so individual and gloriously different, that its near impossible to know if the advice you’re given will work for YOU!
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  • Biohacking for Kids OPTMZ
    October 12, 2021

    Biohacking For Kids

    Parenting in the modern world is hard. Especially during times of work-from-home, how do we eliminate all screen time and all sugar from our children’s diets? I’d venture that it is nigh impossible. In my view, your best strategy is to eliminate the bad stuff as much as possible and make a concerted effort to introduce the good stuff as much as possible, as often as possible!
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  • Grounding Products - FAQ | Articles | OPTMZ |
    July 14, 2021

    A Guide To Using Our Grounding Products

    Grounding is a great way to optimize and improve your health! We offer a range of Grounding products. We have put together a list of questions you may have regarding our grounding products. Q: What are the benefits of grounding...

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  • Introduction To Biohacking + 5 Biohacks For Beginners | OPTMZ |
    June 26, 2020

    Introduction To Biohacking + 5 Biohacks For Beginners

    Biohacking, Human Optimisation and Self-Improvement, these are all terms used to describe the practice of improving and “hacking” your health, wellness, performance and recovery. The same way you can overclock a computer for increased performance, this can be done for the “human operating system”
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