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How to Stack Your Nootropics

If you’re searching for ways to enhance your cognition, memory, recall, or learning ability, taking a smart drug or nootropic may be your best solution. Nootropics are chemical enhancers which are used to support and improve cognitive functioning.

Nootropics can be consumed alone or may be stacked in order to obtain optimal effects. In this article, we discuss why stacking nootropics is popular, and which nootropics are best stacked together.

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What is Nootropic Stacking?

Stacking nootropics involves consuming two or more nootropics at one time – this method boosts their benefits to provide more powerful cognitive effects than when consuming the nootropic supplement separately. Some stacks will work better for you than others but discovering the perfect nootropic stack for you can help you to achieve a wide range of benefits, such as enhancing your mood, creativity, and memory.

The Best Nootropic Stacks

Some nootropics work better in combination than others. To choose the best nootropic stack for your requirements, consider the stacks below:

  • Choline + Oxiracetam

If you’re new to nootropic stacking, this stack of Choline and Oxiracetam is the perfect selection. Many new nootropic racetam users can suffer from headaches, but this stack eradicates the problem. This stack is best used after consuming oxiracetam on its own as choline may cause headaches. Stacking choline and oxiracetam together enhances your memory and recall.

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  • Racetams

If you’re no stranger to nootropics, then try stacking racetams together. Aniracetam, Choline, and Oxiracetam are an excellent stack for improving your mood, recall, concentration, focus, and memory. While these nootropics are highly beneficial on their own for enhancing cognition, stacking them together provides optimal effects which are brilliant for students or those looking to improve their brain functioning for another reason.

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  • Caffeine + L-theanine

Combining Caffeine with L-theanine is a popular nootropic stack for beginners as the cognitive effects of these are delivered almost instantly. Caffeine is a natural substance, known for its ability to stimulate energy levels and alertness. L-theanine is excellent for enhancing your concentration and other cognitive functioning while preventing some of the side effects of caffeine, such as anxiety and higher blood pressure. This caffeine and l-theanine nootropic stack can be paired with a racetam, especially if you’ve been using nootropics for a while. However, if you’re new to nootropics, caffeine and l-theanine will boost your focus, concentration and energy levels to a higher level than caffeine consumed on its own. 

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  • Citicoline + Noopept

Noopept is a smart drug with similar effects to racetams. However, it is far more potent, and using it in a stack with citicoline provides optimal cognitive enhancement. Additionally, this stack ensures the correct amount of acetylcholine is produced in the brain to meet demands. Using Noopept by itself can cause headaches but combined with Citicoline helps to relieve this side effect.

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  • Acetyl L-Carnitine + Choline

This popular stack is often paired with a racetam for optimal effects. While choline is available from our diet, we usually don’t acquire enough of it, so a supplement is always welcomed. Choline increases acetylcholine levels in the brain, while Acetyl L-Carnitine also boosts production.

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  • Modafinil + Piracetam

New piracetam users often find they have increased energy levels in the first few weeks of consumption. This normally subsides, and many users struggle with fatigue afterwards. To alleviate this tiredness, consume a nootropic stack of modafinil and piracetam. This combination will enhance your memory and creativity while boosting your alertness. As modafinil can suppress your appetite, ensure you’re consuming enough food during the day.

  • Alpha GPC + Pramiracetam

This cost-effective stack is a popular choice for many nootropic users. Pramiracetam can produce similar cognitive effects to a combined stack of racetams. Many students consume a stack of Alpha GPC and pramiracetam as this nootropic stack enhances mental performance, concentration levels, alertness, and recall.

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How to Start Your Nootropic Stack

Most nootropics can be paired safely without any negative effects. Many users begin by using one nootropic and wait until they see the beneficial effects before stacking it with an additional nootropic. Taking one nootropic to start with allows your body to tolerate its effects – consuming too many nootropics as a new user can cause several side effects so it’s best to build up your resistance beforehand.

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You can build your own nootropic stack or purchase a pre-made nootropic stack. Pre-made nootropic stacks are ideal for beginners as you won’t need to research the best nootropic stack for your needs or find a suitable dose. It’s also more affordable and convenient. However, as the dose is pre-determined you won’t be able to alter this unless you build your own stack.

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Building your own stack enables you to create the supplement you need for your requirements – you can choose your own dose and determine which nootropics you wish to stack together. The downside of this is that you may need to try varying stacks to discover your best combination. If you plan on building your own stack, try one of our combinations as a starting point. Alternatively, ensure you research your desired nootropic stack, especially when it comes to side effects.

If you’re new to nootropics, start by consuming the best nootropic for your needs, whether that is to improve your concentration, enhance your creativity, or boost your overall cognitive functioning. Once you notice the beneficial effects, you can purchase a pre-made stack or start to build your own. 

Closing Thoughts

Stacking your nootropics will deliver potent effects on your mood, creativity, learning, or overall cognition. For ultimate brainpower, using two or more nootropic supplements together will provide everything you’ve been looking for. Just remember, each nootropic has its own system of action, so select one of our stacks or thoroughly research each supplement to ensure your combination works in harmony together.

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