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A Guide To Using Our Grounding Products

Grounding is a great way to optimize and improve your health! We offer a range of Grounding products. We have put together a list of questions you may have regarding our grounding products.

Q: What are the benefits of grounding mats?

A: Being grounded by the earth’s natural energy current helps restores a natural balance. By bringing back balance to your body research shows that it may have a positive impact on pain, improved immune function, improved sleep quality, stabilization of the body’s natural biological rhythms, reduction in chronic inflammation and protection against EMF’s – which our modern society it filled with.

Q: How does a grounding mat work?

A: The earth’s surface has a negative electric charge. When this comes in contact with your body, an equalization happens where the body takes on extra electrons and build up a static electric charge. When you come into contact with earth surface, whether it be grass, ground or ocean & lake water, this process takes place. A grounding mat allows you to bring the grounding process indoor, into the comfort of your own home or office space. A grounding mat has been designed with a special adapter that plugs into the grounding/earthing port of a plug(outlet), which sends this negative electric charge through to the mat which your body can then absorb. Grounding products have been designed to keep your body connected to the earth’s energy by replicating the natural process.

Q: How long do I have to be grounded a day?

A: Every person is different and some may benefit more from grounding for longer periods. Because grounding is a natural process you can never be “too grounded”. Think of being grounded as a shield that protects and enhances your life quality. It has been reported that 30min of grounding is enough time to show a positive impact on your health.

Q: How long does it take to see the benefit of being grounded?

A: Some people have reported feeling the effects immediately while others have taken days, weeks or months to feel a change. It’s a natural process which you have been engaging in, probably since you were a child. Some people have reported improvements in chronic inflammation within days of using grounding products. Others noticed that when they don’t sleep with their grounding mat they are restless and sleep very light – which leads us to believe that it improves your quality of sleep. As our body restore and heals when we sleep, people have reported noticing the health benefits faster when they sleep grounded.

Q: Is it better to rather just walk bare foot outside?

A: It’s entirely up to your personal preference. Many people have busy lifestyles that do not allow them to spend enough time in nature. Grounding mats have been designed to help the modern human connect more with the earths energy. You will get the exact same benefit walking bare foot outdoors as you would sitting with a grounding mat at your desk.

Q: Will it only work if my feet are on the mat?

A: Groundings mats can be placed on the floor, on your desk or even on your bed. The most important thing is that your body(skin) has to be in contact with the mat to experience the benefits. This includes any part of your body be it feet, arms, hands etc that will conduct the earth’s energy. Our feet however, are the most conductive part of our body, and some people have reported that they experience more benefits by putting their bare feet on the grounding mat.

Q: Do grounding products work with electricity.

A: No. They pick up the earths current from the earth port of a grounded outlet.

Q: Can a grounding mat electrocute me?

A: As they don’t work with electricity, they can’t electrocute you. They are completely safe for humans and pets to use. Grounding products only work with the grounding port which conducts the earth’s energy.

Q: Can I use my grounding mat when there is loadshedding?

A: Yes, as it doesn't work with electricity.

Q: Do I leave the adapter plugged in when using the grounding mat?

A: You have to leave it plugged in for the earth’s current to flow through into the mat, which you body then absorbs. There is no need to plug the grounding product out.

Q: Can I wear shoes while using my grounding mat?

A: Shoes, more specifically rubber soles, create a barrier of insulation, which will block the current. Grounding products work best when they are in direct contact with your skin. However, grounding mats do work if you wear socks or light clothing. Direct skin contact is always best.

Q: Is it safe for my pets to sit on my grounding mat?

A: As the grounding mat is conducting the earth’s natural energy, it is safe for everyone to use. It’s the same as walking bare foot outside on the grass. It will not cause harm to your pets or baby.

Q: Can I plug my grounding mat into an extension?

A: Yes, as the earth’s current will continue flowing into the grounding mat.

Q: Can I use my grounding mat in any country?

A: Yes. We recommend confirming the earth port of the electric outlet in the country you are traveling to, to ensure you plug it in correctly.

Q: Why is the adapter so loose?

A: As each electrical port in manufactured independently, you may find that the adapter sits a little loose in different electrical outlets. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work, as the current will still be flowing into the grounding mat. We suggest securing the adapter down with for example sticky tape, if you are worried it will come out without your knowledge.

Q: Are the grounding mats tested?

A: All our grounding products have been tested by our professionals. Each product is shipped with a quality assurance sticker - which is our stamp of approval.

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Q: Can grounding mats be washed?

A: It’s advised to regularly wipe the mat down with a disinfecting agent. Water or moisture will not damage the mat. It’s best to hand-wash the grounding mats and not wash them in a washing machine.

Q: Where do you plug the adapter of the grounding products in?

Plug Diagram

A: The grounding adapter has to be inserted into the earthing port - which should be the top wire on the plug, the green wire.

Q: How do you test a grounding mat?

A: A grounding mat can be tested by using a multi-meter. The below link explain the process in detail: 

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