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Exploring The Health Benefits Earthing (Grounding) | OPTMZ |

Exploring The Health Benefits and Science of Earthing (Grounding)

Grounding is a simple, effective and hassle free tool to optimize and improve your health!

What is grounding (AKA Earthing)

Grounding, otherwise referred to as earthing, is the process of “grounding” or reconnecting to the earth's electrical charge, usually by walking barefoot on the ground (earth) or by using an earthing device. 

Grounding is becoming an increasingly more popular international movement, resulting in people kicking their shoes off and reconnecting electrically to the surface of the Earth.

Naturally our bodies produce electrical charges, generally in the form of free radicals which tend to wreck biological havoc in our cells, resulting in a host of health problems. When we are in direct contact with the earth, our electric potential equalizes with that of the earths and this results in “grounding”. 

Benefits of grounding: 

Grounding is still a rather under-researched topic but there are a handful of studies being conducted and an ever  increasing number of reported positive results. 

How to practice grounding

There are various methods or types of grounding. However, they all focus on equalising electrical charges by reconnecting with the earth.

  1. Go Barefoot: The most simple of the methods. Simply kick your shoes off and spend some time walking (or running) outside. Grass, mud, sand are all great options to ground yourself here.
  2. Lying Down: This method is similar to that of “going Barefoot”, except this increases the amount of skin-to-earth contact.
  3. Water Submersions: The same way the grass or soil qualizes the charge between you and the earth, submerging yourself in a natural body of water will have a similar effect.
  4. Grounding Equipment: Unfortunately in the modern world, the majority of us work desk jobs or spend lengthy periods of time inside. This is the modern day alternative to earthing and involves the use of mats, wrist straps, bed sheet, socks and other equipment to simulate the earth's grounding effect.

    Grounding Mat

    Types of Grounding Equipment: 

    With our busy modern lifestyles, you may not have the time to sit outside on the grass to get the full benefits of grounding. Whether you are an on-the-go business professional or a stay-at-home mom, there is a grounding device for you. These grounding devices you can easily incorporate into your unique personal lifestyle, bringing the outdoors, indoors.

    The Available Options:

    The Risks of Grounding: 

    Whilst grounding is a natural and rather risk free process, there may be a risk of electrocution when using grounding equipment, such as: rods, mats, sheets or similar items. When using these types of earthing equipment, be mindful and follow all directions to avoid an electric shock.

    Closing Thoughts: 

    Unfortunately we are becoming increasingly disconnected with nature and increasingly connected with technology, as a result, this is having a negative impact on our health; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. With that being said, there are several methods and practices that we can use to reignite our connection with nature and reap the benefits of this. 

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