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Brain Fog & How To Curb It For Good!

Do you often feel a little ‘foggy’ in the head? Or have trouble remembering things? Or find it difficult to focus on tasks?

You might be suffering from a condition called ‘brain fog’. It is a non-medical term which is also recognized as the clouding of consciousness or mental fog. Though most people suffer from it sporadically, there could also be some more frequent manifestations.

Understanding And Identifying Brain Fog…

A sense of fatigue, fuzziness or just being forgetful, are all the typical identifiers of brain fog. For a professional, it is most apparent when they become demotivated and unfocused. For the student, it can be recognized when they turn absent-minded. In quotidian life, it is perceived as mere confusion.

While brain fog is usually a temporary phenomenon, it could recur in a few instances. Repetition, and how long it lasts, convey the seriousness of the problem. Just a few short hours are not troublesome, but if it distresses the mind for weeks, remedies become vital.

A typical example of brain fog is the frustrating sensation of not remembering if the front door was locked or not. Other symptoms include poor spatial awareness and disorientation.

Since these are directly related to a person’s ability to process information, plan, and make decisions, they can eventually lead to more serious issues like depression and anxiety!

What Causes Brain Fog In The First Place?

Finding the cure to any ailment relies on finding the origin of it. The birth of brain fog was attributed to patients of:

  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • Other neuropsychiatric disorders.

In recent times, though, it has become prevalent in healthy people of all age groups. Such cases occur when people make adverse lifestyle choices or have an improper diet. The mechanics of how these two factors trigger brain fog is only partially understood but research says that food and lifestyle habits can cause:

  • Chemical imbalances where the cortisol level shoots up and dopamine and serotonin fall. It creates the foundation for alterations in mood, awareness, and impetus.
  • Inflammation of the brain cells.

3 Steps To Treating Clouding of Consciousness

Barring extraneous circumstances like a preexisting condition, brain fog can be easily prevented or corrected since it originates from conscious choices that people make. Any individual, who is otherwise fit and well, can follow these three easy steps to curb mental fog.

1. Cut Down On Caffeine:

It is common to see a 9 to 5 worker stifling a yawn of gargantuan dimensions at least once in a day. The invariably unintended consequence of this habit is to reach for one more cup of coffee. What few people realize is that caffeine helps only in the short-term.

When viewed over an extended period, too much coffee builds an imbalance in chemicals.

The first step to correcting brain fog is, therefore, to cut down on caffeine intake. Less coffee leads to an increase in the level of dopamine and serotonin which keep the mind motivated and calm. Lowering caffeine levels also work towards reducing cortisol, which decreases mood swings and anxiety.

2. Alter Your Diet:

Despite living in a global age of food, our bodies have not yet adapted, evolutionarily, to our growing appetite. In simpler terms, what you eat can affect cognitive performance. The rationality is — consuming sugar causes an upsurge in the glucose level in the body for a short period. As a result, glucose levels fall lower than the required standard after some time, which we refer to as the 'crash'. The higher the sugar intake, the higher the number of low/high glucose cycles which consequently induce brain fog.

Along with sugar, heavy and refined carbohydrates also contribute to brain fog. The body increases insulin levels when carbs are introduced and circulates the blood from the brain to the stomach in the hope to aid digestions. The process results in lethargy, slowing the body down and fogginess.

Ergo, in order to stay mentally sharp, moderating the amount of sugar and heavy carbs consumed is not only important but vital.

3. Take Smart Supplements:

Keeping a constant eye on what you're eating can become a chore when trying to prevent brain fog. This has made nootropics, or smart supplements, the best and latest tool for getting rid of brain fog. These are supplements, either man-made or natural, that positively impact the functioning of the brain. They're effective because they augment nutrients and minerals, the lack of which is also connected to the emergence of brain fog.

When the brain lacks vital elements such as minerals, it stops operating at peak level. If the absence goes unchecked, it can lead to recurrent brain fog episodes. A few nootropics that have proven, through studies, to treat brain fog are:

1. CDP-Choline

Also known as Citicoline, this natural chemical is considered as an essential nootropic. It is renowned for its ability to decrease brain fog and enhance memory and brain functioning. Studies support the productive effect CDP-Choline has memory, cognition and bettering brain fog.

Prime Mind also contains CDP-Choline as part of its universal natural nootropic formulation.

2. Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola is another preferred nootropic and there's a very good reason for it. The chemical works on not one but three fronts:

  • Restoring energy.
  • Combating fatigue.
  • Amplifying perception, awareness and mental processes.

When considered individually, Rhodiola can be taken for numerous reasons. Combined, the properties are a panacea for several significant symptoms of mental fog.

Rhodiola can be found in the Prime Active formulation which also makes use of Cordyceps Mushroom to enhance ATP production and further benefit energy production and fighting fatigue. Prime Brew also contains Rhodiola Rosea to form a performance tea blend unlike any other.

3. Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Also known as ALCAR, has enough evidence demonstrating the constructive influence of the supplement on brain health. Taking the proper dosage increases energy, physical performance, and brain activity. 

Prime Focus contains ALCAR to form part of its immediate energy release formulation which has been tried and tested to improve mental energy, focus and combat fatigue.

The Necessity Of Curbing Mental Fog!

Our brains powers our daily life. The ability of a person to be creative at work, have discipline while studying or insightful in everyday chores is dependent on a clear and active brain. When brain fog sets in even the simplest tasks can become cumbersome and affect day-to-day life.

If you are facing afternoon exhaustion, if recalling events accurately is an issue, or concentrating requires hard work, it is time to eat better, say no to too much coffee, and give smart supplements a chance!

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