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Aniracetam: The Nootropic Supplement For Creativity & Cognition

Aniracetam: The Nootropic Supplement For Creativity & Cognition

Discovered in the late 20th Century by the healthcare firm F. Hoffmann-La Roche, aniracetam is a synthetic nootropic and comes within the racetam family. It's potent, acts fast, and is acknowledged to improve the mood.

Aniracetam is a member of the nootropic class of drugs, which have possible cognition-enhancing effects.”

Sold in Europe like any other prescription drug, aniracetam modulates the production and release of brain chemicals that trigger neurons which drive creativity and cognition in general.

Exploring The Workings Of Aniracetam

More potent than Piracetam, Aniracetam has a fat-soluble compound and is absorbed by the bloodstream in a brief time. Hence, its effects become visible rapidly, even with a small dosage. The bio-availability of the supplement further rises when administered orally. Besides augmenting cognition, the enhancement drug also increases blood flow, and therefore activity, in parts of the brain responsible for abstract thoughts. The nootropic known to metabolize in the liver has one more impact. It is recognized as a strong neuroprotector.  

A study of the pharmacology of the supplement exhibits that it elevates levels of:

  • Glutamate.
  • Acetylcholine.
  • Serotonin + Dopamine.

All four neurotransmitters are associated with memory, learning and mood.

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    How Does Aniracetam Improve Cognition And Creativity?

    We further elucidation how each transmission is affected after taking Aniracetam and result in better mental capacity and creativity.

    1. Glutamate Transmission

    The mode through which glutamate transmission is enhanced by Aniracetam causes two results:

    • Better memory.
    • Improved information storage.

    “Glutamate is the major excitatory neurotransmitter in the nervous system.” Its receptors are numerous and highly complex. Two of them are AMPA and kainic acid. According to research, Aniracetam binds to these receptors and stimulates them. Linked to the storage of information and new memory creation in the brain, the receptors compound learning, and retention.

    The capacity of Aniracetam to moderate glutamate transmission through AMPA receptors has given it the term AMPA modulator. Because the nootropic improves the functioning of AMPA receptors, which it does by increasing the flow of blood, it also optimizes the perception of senses, learning, and remembering. Succinctly put, aniracetam allows the flow of thoughts and new ideas without any impediment.

    2. Acetylcholine Transmission

    “The cholinergic system plays an important role in cognitive functions.” A research conducted on animals to illuminate the mechanism of action of aniracetam on acetylcholine receptors proved that the nootropic has a two-forked approach:

    • It prevents the desensitization of the receptors in the acetylcholine system.
    • It promotes the production and release of acetylcholine.

    This dual impact of the synthetic nootropic delivers a pivotal contribution to the speed of learning, retention of memory, and span of attention.

    3. Dopamine and Serotonin Transmission

    The two neurotransmitters, dopamine, and serotonin, are recognized to be linked to variations in motivation, reward, decision-making, focus, and mood.  An experiment conducted on aniracetam in 2001 showed:

    Systemic administration of aniracetam to rats enhanced both DA (dopamine) and 5-HT (serotonin) release with partly associated change in their metabolite levels in the 3 regions of the brain, i.e. prefrontal cortex, basolateral amygdala and dorsal hippocampus.”

    The test proved that the nootropic prompts the activation of specific sites in the serotonergic and dopaminergic pathways. By increasing the reuptake of the two neurotransmitters, i.e., magnifying the presence of serotonin and dopamine in the brain, aniracetam influences mood, and motivation.

    Another pathway through which aniracetam triggers creativity is by lessening anxiety. The drug is known to free the mind of anxiousness, get rid of depression, and restore energy.

    When the brain is under pressure or tension, it is more focused on analyzing make-believe situations instead of concentrating on ingenuity. A calm mind that has no stress is the ideal approach to boost creativity. Aniracetam ensures that these perfect conditions are created.

    Research performed on three different mouse models evinced that “aniracetam possesses a wide range of anxiolytic properties, which may be mediated by an interaction between cholinergic, dopaminergic and serotonergic systems.” In other words, the combined effect the nootropic evokes in the three transmissions settles nerves and anxiety.

    Until now, the focus was on understanding how, by taking a regular dose of aniracetam, the three major pathways of the brain are impacted, which consequently alter cognition for the positive. We now pick up two specific qualities of the mind – memory, and learning – and find out how the analogue to Piracetam influences them. More than two decades back, a test was performed on female rats. They were induced with amnesia and then given a dose of the nootropic aniracetam. The rat subjects were then put through a series of extensive tests for one year. The dose of aniracetam proved not only to reverse the memory impairment due to induced amnesia but also “exhibited memory enhancing effects.

    One more study illustrated the intensification of memory encoding with use of aniracetam. The experiment which was conducted on healthy humans demonstrated that though “cued recall of verbal information” is not improved, there are four areas of memory that did. Aniracetam selectively enhanced learning of:

    • Visual associations.
    • Recognition of odours.
    • Acquisition of a visuospatial maze.
    • Location and identity of visual cues.

    Both these researches illustrate that when taken in correct amounts, the nootropic can expand memory and boost learning.

    A Dose Of Creativity With A Dose Of Aniracetam

    What gets the creative juices flowing? When the mind is calm and the person is relaxed. Aniracetam is a natural option of reaching this state. The many anxiolytic properties of the nootropic work in tandem to not only enhance imagination but also improvize ingenuity. It is why, within the nootropic community, aniracetam is frequently taken to foster creativity.

    A secondary impact of taking the cognitive supplement is a sharper and more vivid vision. This, successively, makes it easier for a person to understand and retain new images. That’s not the end of cognition improvement of the nootropic. It also works on building communication channels between brain hemispheres, which lead to even greater focus and reasoning.

    One final benefit of aniracetam is its relative safety. A proper dosage rarely leads to any side effects. The one sporadic effect is headaches, which are easily solvable by stacking the aniracetam with Alpha GPC or CDP Choline.

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