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5 Biohacks To Reduce Stress

Unfortunately everyone is affected by stress and we all have to deal with some type of stress throughout our life. Most of us regularly encounter stressful situations of varying degrees and some of us are better equipt than others at dealing with the effects.

What is Biohacking? 

The definition of Biohacking, or as we like to refer to it - Optimized Living - is rather broad and the term is constantly evolving and changing. However, it most often refers to the practice of self-optimisation and experimentation through diet, technology, science, training, habits and routines with the goal of enhancing human performance, health and wellness. If you are not familiar with the term and/or would like to find out more about this specifically, read the full article here

Enter Stress: 

Stress, specifically chronic Stress, is a modern-day epidemic. For some, it’s fistfuls of hair falling out; for others, it’s the entire immune system going haywire.

Whether the stress is a constant, nagging pain in the gut or a barely-there feeling, it can wreak havoc on your mind and body.

The good news is, there are several simple methods to reduce and combat the effects of stress and here are our top 5 biohacks to reduce stress.

5 Biohacks To Reduce Stress

1. Breathwork

Conscious breathwork, including deep breathing, has been shown to have a beneficial impact on your state of mind and stress response. Many people have unintentionally become shallow breathers, which is a mindless breathing pattern where you inhale through the mouth, hold the breath, and take in less air.

5 Biohacks to reduce Stress: Breathing

Therefore, practicing conscious deep breathing is a simple method to improve mood and reduce stress. There are various types of breathwork techniques available including: Whim Hof, Box breathing, Holotropic, Shamanic and many more.

Box breathing is a great technique and to get started - all you need to do is find a quiet, safe and relaxing place, seat yourself down and breathe in a “square” formation.

As follows:

  • Exhale to a count of four
  • Hold your lungs empty for a four-count
  •  Inhale at the same pace, holding air in your lungs for a count of four
  • Exhaling and begin the pattern anew.

2. Gratitude:

Perspective is key to everything and something as simple as “practicing gratitude” does exactly that! It changes the perspective of how you're feeling and it shifts the focus towards what makes us feel good.

5 biohacks to reduce stress : journaling

Try listing (jotting down or verbalising) 5 things you are grateful for each day!

3. Adaptogens: 

Adaptogens, as the term indicates, help the body adapt to stress and function in the usual fashion. They are essentially supplements that work by counteracting the physical and mental pressures of the body. 

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4. Earthing/Grounding: 

Get outside, get some sunlight, take your shoes off. When last have you been barefoot on the grass or gotten some sunlight first thing in the morning? Studies suggest that “grounding” or being physically barefoot on the grass or earth may reduce stress, inflammation and improve mood. 

5 Biohacks to Reduce Stress

Interested in finding out more about the effects of grounding? Read more on the health benefits of grounding here.

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5. Exercise/Movement:

Exercise (light aerobic) has been shown to decrease stress and improve stress response. Not only does physical activity assist with taking your mind off of your worries but exercise improves the body's ability to cope with stress. Possibly one of the most underrated methods for stress relief. 

5 Biohacks to reduce Stress : Movement

No need to train like an elite athlete, incorporating 30 minutes of aerobic movement into your day is a great starting point. 

Closing thoughts: 

Effective stress management is an important part of living an optimized life and is vital to ensuring optimal mental and physical performance. The key is to find simple and effective methods of managing stress throughout your day-to-day life. Try incorporating one or more of the above hacks into your day and start kicking your stress to the curb! 


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